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#49-21 Food Sovereignty … A grassroots movement in India

The so-called Green Revolution in India increased one measure of “productivity” at the cost of much else, including nutrition, sustainability,

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#35-21 Hoodwinked … Indigenous views on false climate solutions

Two passionate indigenous organizers – one in North Dakota and one on Guam – point to the environmental toll on

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#31-21 Food Beneath Their Feet … Africa’s Indigenous Food Revival

A movement is afoot to recover traditional African food plants, preserve them, and disseminate the knowledge about how to grow

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#30-20 India’s Water Warrior Women … Essential approaches to fast-encroaching drought

In India, water is a women’s issue and a woman’s burden, but only concerted community action can ensure water for

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#35-19 Starhawk … A Voice Along the Path

From the WINGS archives, in a recording from a book release of her novel Walking to Mercury and her handbook

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