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#49-21 Food Sovereignty … A grassroots movement in India

The so-called Green Revolution in India increased one measure of “productivity” at the cost of much else, including nutrition, sustainability, loss of biodiversity, and local loss of control. The Green Foundation based in Karnataka state started by encouraging local seed-saving and has built a network of women farmers who also process their own crops locally – a growing trend in opposition to multinational corporate ag.

Host(s): Smita Ramanathan and Manju Venkat
Featured Speakers/Guests: Singer and farmer: Jayamma, from Therubeedi village near Bangalore; Vanaja Ramprasad, founder, Green Foundation; Sumathi, a longtime organic farmer who heads the Maruthi Oil Press Group in the village of Maralwadi; VijayaKumari and Sarvamangala from the Mahadeshwara Seed Producers’ Group

Credits: Smita Ramanathan – Producer, Interviews, Script, Narration; Manju Venkat – Co-producer, Interviews, Narration; Indu Ramesh – Programme Mentor, Script Adviser; M.R. Ramamurthy – Sound Engineer, Editor; Series Producer, Frieda Werden

Comments: Updated from “WINGS #23-16 Green Counter-Revolution
Green Foundation unites women farmers in India.” 

Books mentioned: Monsanto: Pollution, Corruption, and the Control of Our Food Supply, by Marie-Monique Robin, and 
Living on the Edge: Women, Agrobiodiversity and Livelihood, By Vanaja Ramprasad

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