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#11-22 The Orgasm Gap … why big pharma created Female Sexual Dysfunction

Dr. Leonore Tiefer gave the keynote address at a conference on The Medicalization of Sex, organized by the Simon Fraser

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#44-21 What’s Love? … a linguistic and biochemical analysis

Playwright Carolyn Gage performing one of her Sermons for a Lesbian Tent Revival. This one is relevant for everyone. First

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#41-21 Cutting the Cut … The slow work of ending female genital mutilation

From 1951 to 2022, the task of ending this widespread harmful practice is perhaps only halfway done. Heroines of the

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#39-21 Roe v Wade. the Texas Abortion Case … Archival interview with the late Sarah Weddington

On the 39th anniversary of the Roe v Wade decision, Martha Burk interviewed Sarah Weddington about the history and future

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#26-21 Tech, Work and Care … Ripples from technology change

In part 2 of her interview about studying technology in its human and organizational context, Professor Balka talks about its

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#25-21 Technology on the Frontlines … Women’s work disrupted by design

Most frontline workers in hospitals are women; most technology designers are men. The women’s expertise and tacit knowledge is often

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#19-21 When Abortion Was Illegal … (and may soon be again in the USA)

Adapted from the documentary film When Abortion Was Illegal: Untold Stories.  Updated to August 22, 2021.  Featured: Dorothy Fadiman (narrator and

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#04-21 Female Circumcision in Sudan … FGM is illegal again, but not forgotten

In 2020, Sudan’s transitional government outlawed female genital mutilation. Dr. Nahid Toubia thoroughly explained the practice, its health effects, its

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