Climate change

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#15-21 Mililani Trask … Indigenous Women’s Strategy

Mililani Trask speaks to a conference on the Gift Economy in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, in November 2004, about the

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#11-21 Law and Sharing … The Sustainable Economies Law Center and its work

Janelle Orsi co-founded the Sustainable Economies Law Center (SELC), which facilitates the growth of sustainable and localized economies. She spoke

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#10-21 Wangari Maathai … on the origins of Kenya’s Green Belt Movement

Long before she was a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, biologist Dr. Wangari Maathai came to San Francisco to receive the

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#51-20 India Farm Strike … Vandana Shiva connects the present to the past

India passed three new farm bills during the COVID lockdown last fall that gave rise to a sustained farmers’ strike

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#35-20 Doughnut Economics … A 21st century guide to sustaining the planet

Kate Raworth’s address to the Meaning Conference of business people for change, in Brighton, England, in 2017. She explains the

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#33-20 Radical Futures … Young Climate Feminist Leaders Talk

On September 25, 2020, WEDO (the Women’s Environment and Development Organization) hosted a virtual “Radical Futures Roundtable: Young Climate Feminists

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#30-20 India’s Water Warrior Women … Essential approaches to fast-encroaching drought

In India, water is a women’s issue and a woman’s burden, but only concerted community action can ensure water for

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#13-20 Guardians of the Amazon … Indigenous Women Rising

It was 1920 when the first international oil corporation entered the Amazon region. The struggle against destructive extractive industries has been

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#01-20 Pastoral Woman in Kenya … Adapting tradition to climate change

In this interview with Diana Wanyonyi, Agnes Leina describes how water shortages forced a change in the lives of herding

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