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#26-21 Tech, Work and Care … Ripples from technology change

In part 2 of her interview about studying technology in its human and organizational context, Professor Balka talks about its

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#25-21 Technology on the Frontlines … Women’s work disrupted by design

Most frontline workers in hospitals are women; most technology designers are men. The women’s expertise and tacit knowledge is often

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#19-21 When Abortion Was Illegal … (and may soon be again in the USA)

Adapted from the documentary film When Abortion Was Illegal: Untold Stories.  Updated to August 22, 2021.  Featured: Dorothy Fadiman (narrator and

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#31-20 Leaderless Organizing in the ’90s … ACT UP and the Lesbian Avengers

From the WINGS archive, Laura Yaros’s interview with Sarah Schulman covers the origins and methods of the AIDS Coalition to

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#15-20 Casa Internazionale delle Donne … The International Women’s House in Rome

The Casa Internazionale delle Donne – the International Women’s House – is a former convent in Rome that was occupied

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#12-20 Slovenia Uprising … Rejecting the Right

Slovenia is a social democracy that was the first to secede from the Yugoslav Federation. It has relatively good conditions

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#08-20 Women on the COVID Frontline … Reports from India and Cameroon

Nilanjana Bhowmick reports from New Delhi on 3.5 million women who are “barefoot health workers”; Patience Wirngo interviews women workers

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#04-20 MayDay 2020 … Worker organizing under Covid in India and the Philippines

Women leaders from India and the Philippines talk about organizing for Mayday (May 1 – International Workers’ Day) in their

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