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#45-21 Afghani Refugee’s Escape … why and how a prominent journalist fled the Taliban

Najiba Ayubi describes the ordeal of her fortuitous escape from Afghanistan during the last of the Americans’ evacuations, including her experience in 3 refugee camps, her attempts to get others out, and the flaws in the hurried process that took place. Part 2 next week will tell history of media in Afghanistan, her discussion with Taliban negotiators, and a plea to help convince Taliban to let up on oppressing women. 

Host(s): Violet Gonda
Featured Speakers/Guests: Najiba Ayubi is an executive of a major nonprofit media organization in Afghanistan and a longtime activist for peace and women’s rights. She is also President of the Afghanistan chapter of International Association of Women in Radio and TV. 

Credits: Ayubi was interviewed by Violet Gonda, President of the International Association of Women in Radio and TV, on Gonda’s video series Hot Seat, available here: –
Editing for radio by Frieda Werden