#32-21 The 16 Days – November 25 – December 10 … Canadians combatting violence against women

November 25-December 10 is recognized worldwide as the 16 Days Against Violence Against Women or now more often the 16 Days Against Gender Violence. But fighting back against such crimes goes on every day. This archival program from Canada covers methods tried, from changing media coverage of the 1989 Montreal Massacre to providing support services and influencing official reports, journalism and police practices.?

Host(s): Frieda Werden
Featured Speakers/Guests: News report by Laura Yaros and Beth Blackmore of Radio Centreville’s Matrix Collective; interview with Montreal Gazette reporter Mary Lamie. Voices from roundtable: Hilla Kerner, Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter; Rosa Elena Arteaga, Mgr. of Direct Services & Programs, Battered Women’s Support Services; Darla Goodwin, Coord. of Aboriginal Women’s Svces. at Women Against Violence Against Women; Laura Robinson, journalist and athlete; Asia Czapska, advocate and co-director, Justice for Girls; unidentified; Shanie Roy, student activist, feminist, and anarchist from Montreal.

Credits: News segment produced by Laura Yaros and Beth Blackmore, for WINGS (1989); audio from December 1, 2012, recorded and edited by Frieda Werden.

Comments: First released in 2012. The issues and approaches are still pertinent in 2021, unfortunately. For example, Vancouver police arresting and charging another injured woman instead of the man who beat her.