#09-21 Swayam, Kolkata … Rescuing Men from Patriarchy

Swayam, founded in 1995, supports girls and women who’ve faced gender violence, but their new campaign is directed at men and boys. Men who participate in the project say recognizing women’s humanity helps them recognize their own. SochBadley, baatbadlegi, the tagline in two new online videos, means Change the thinking, you will be the change.

Host(s): Kalpana Prodhan and Frieda Werden
Featured Speakers/Guests: Anuradha Kapoor, Director of the NGO Swayam; Rahool Goswami, young man from the Metiabruz area of Kolkata; Shamim Iqbal, married man older than 30; Amrita DasGupta, a women’s rights activist for 18 years; Dr Pallavi Guha, who wrote the book “Hear #me too in India,” is an Assistant Professor of journalism and new media at Towson University. 

Credits: Produced for WINGS by Kalpana Prodhan in Kolkata, India; WINGS Series Producer/Editor, Frieda Werden. Audio from videos that were jointly produced by the Swayam NGO and the Ogilvy organization.