#08-21 Silent-Film Women … Silent film auteur Lois Weber and her network

In an interview with producer Mary O’Grady, Dr. Katherine Manthorne tells the story of one of silent film’s greatest (and best-paid) creators, Lois Weber (1879-1939). Weber was proficient in all aspects of film, and she danced with the censors to deliver films about topics like exploited women workers, birth control and abortion. She was the first to use “full frontal female nudity” in a movie. She collaborated with such greats as Anna Pavlova.

Host(s): Mary O’Grady
Featured Speakers/Guests: Dr. Katherine Manthorne is a Professor of Art History at the City University of New York. She has written about Lois Weber and her network in her 2018 book Film and Modern American Art: The Dialogue Between Cinema and Painting.

Credits: Interview by Mary O’Grady; technician for KANM, Heidi Brown; WINGS series producer/editor, Frieda Werden

Comments: Link to watch Weber’s famous film Hypocrites online: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4uRrDA6QPKo