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#09-20 Stacey Abrams of Fair Vote … An interview from Mother Jones Magazine

On May 7, 2020, Mother Jones Magazine hosted a live interview via Zoom titled Protecting Our Democracy. Guest Stacey Abrams discussed problems with elections in the US and issues around racist policing, threats to the US Postal Service and US Census, the pandemic, Donald Trump, Joe Biden, justice for sexual assault survivors, and what keeps her going.

Host(s): Jamilah King, Ari Berman
Featured Speakers/Guests: Ari Berman is an elections reporter for Mother Jones Magazine. Stacey Abrams is a former gubernatorial candidate from the US state of Georgia, and founder of two national organizations: Fair Vote, and also Fair Count – which works on issues around the 2020 US Census.

Credits: Audio courtesy of and the Mother Jones Podcast. (This episode at Full podcast credits are in the show. Adapted for WINGS by Frieda Werden.