#30-19 Dear Boys of India … A gender education program aims at inculcating respect

Equality and respect for all humans regardless of gender or gender expression is a teachable subject, especially if it starts young. That is the premise of the Dear Boys project started by Swati Sengupta. She describes how it started, how it is taught, and its effects to WINGS contributing producer Kalpana Pradhan, who also adds additional sound and supporting interviews.

Host(s): Kalpana Pradhan
Featured Speakers/Guests: Swati Sengupta, creator of the Dear Boys project that was adopted by Kolkata Police, gender educator, and author of the book Half the Field is Mine; Babu Sona, 15 years old schoolboy and peer educator; Dr. Bula Bhadra, retired chair of the Sociology Department, University of Calcutta.

Credits: Produced by Kalpana Pradhan; WINGS series producer, Frieda Werden