#19-20 Beijing Memories – Part 1 … 25th Anniversary of UN 4th World Conference on Women

The conference was held in Huairou and Beijing, China, from August 30th through September 15th, 1995. Issues included in this episode: translation of feminist terms, status of Tibetan delegates, benefits for Chinese women, new officials overturn Women’s Committee plans, African women raise environment issues, and a protest by labour over the source of conference bags.

Host(s): Lisa Hayes
Featured Speakers/Guests: Sharon Hom, founder, The Lexicon Project; Lobsang Dechen of the Tibetan Nun Project; Yang Ying, former serf now Chairwoman of the Tibetan Women’s Federation; Siring Norzam, exiled Tibetan refugee; Huang Chi Tsao, Vice-Chairperson of the All-China Women’s Federation and its China Organizing Committee, responsible for preparations for the NGO Forum (until it was taken out of their hands by the government); unidentified East African women speakers from the African regional conference on Women, Environment, and Sustainable Development in Kampala, Uganda, organized by the Uganda Women Tree-Planting Group; Laura Fu, member of the San Francisco-based Asian Law Caucus, a civil rights advocacy group that represents garment workers in the US.

Credits: Produced by: Lisa Hayes, Frieda Werden, Maria Suarez, Ginger Webb, Elayne Clift, Prabha Bhardwaj, and Annie Delaney (for Women on the Line).

Comments: Part 1 of 3


Photo by permission of Jo Freeman.  The unofficial Tibet tent at the non-governmental organization forum in Huairou, China, was “off the beaten path.”  Location of this file on Freeman’s website: https://www.jofreeman.com/photos/Beijing12.html