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#50-23 Storming Caesar’s Palace …  a documentary about welfare rights activism

Storming Caesar’s Palace is a 2023 documentary film about welfare rights activism in the US and the state of Nevada. Producer Hazel Gurland talks to interviewer Anne Lewis about the work of early African-American activist Ida B. Wells, who fought against racist and sexist “tropes” in American society, and about Gurland’s desire to expose the struggle against similar racist and sexist tropes in our own times. Excerpts from the film document the outrageous and brilliant tactics that Ruby Duncan and other activists brought to bear on the struggle for not only rights but survival, during the 1960s and ’70s.
Credits: Storming Caesar’s Palace excerpts, courtesy of Hazel Gurland-Pooler and her publicist; interview of Gurland by Anne Lewis; producer and narrator for WINGS, Lisa Hayes; WINGS series producer, Frieda Werden. Film is available through PBS stations during March 2024, and for rent through Women Make Movies.