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#43-23 Global Homelessness … its causes

Human displacement and homelessness keep growing and growing. In a “parable” of uncertain attribution, there’s a community struggling to save babies who float down river in increasing numbers, and someone says “Let’s find out who’s putting them in there.”  Brazilian environmentalist and organizer Magda Renner made it her duty to find out. Renner passed away in 2016, at nearly 90 years of age. This is her address to the World Women’s Congress for a Healthy Planet in 1991. On her list of causes are war, mining, land grabs, nuclear radiation, pesticides, masculine-style politics and development, and environmental destruction. She says women need to be in decision-making but not lose their humane values when they enter that realm. This meeting attended by 1500 women from around the world was a lead-in to the first UN Conference on the Environment in Rio de Janeiro, 1992. Update 2024.  

Photo credit: Foundation for a Compassionate Society

Credits: Recorded and edited by Frieda Werden, with support from the Foundation for a Compassionate Society. See video from Renner’s talk here: . Original WINGS sound logo was created by Maggi Payne.