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SEWA [pronounced SAY vah] is a sisterhood of about 2 million women, organized locally and by trades. It operates in at least 16 states of India, plus a few other countries. Their philosophy is based on Ghandian values of simplicity, truthfulness and non-violence, and on non-hierarchical growth. This program covers more examples of their projects, ranging from challenging employers and government to include home-based workers in social protection schemes, to identifying cleaning the trash off the road as part of the care economy. They also start community radio stations!
Interviewees in part 2: Vali ben, Representative – farm woman, health worker; Mayaben Patel,master trainer, IT; Heena Dave,District Coordinator); Sharadaben Jhala,Representative – Farm women, executive committee member; Jignasa Parmar, Vendors’ and Hawkers’ campaign team; Geeta Koshti and Shalini Trivedi (Legal Coordinators )