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#34-19 Cameroon Major National Dialogue … Where were the women?

From Sept 30- Oct 4, 2019, the government of Cameroon held a Major National Dialogue to discuss ending conflict and restoring violence-ravaged areas. Women who have long been preparing for negotiations and calling for peace expressed dismay that women were less than 15% of participants, and that the structure seemed top-down and government-heavy, not reaching into the grass roots and those most affected. One of the male committee leaders discusses fundraising for reconstruction contracts.

Host(s): Patience Wirngo, Frieda Werden
Featured Speakers/Guests: MUMA BIH YVONNE, head of Cameroon women Peace movement; SALLY MBOUMIEN, national coordinator, Southwest Northwest Women Task Force; HIND JALAL, Cameroon representative to UN Women; .Dr Simon Munzu who headed the reconstruction and development of conflict affected areas commission from the dialogue

Credits: Produced by Patience Wirngo; series producer, Frieda Werden. Music: excerpts from the song Bloodshed No More, composed and performed by Gaby Shunt, from his 2019 album Let’s Be One, released by Studio Nkono in Cameroon.

Comments: WINGS: Women’s International News Gathering Service works with producers around the world to cover the global women’s movement and related issues.