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#37-23 The Gift Economy … and the Peace Tent

Summary:  From the WINGS archive, an interview with Genevieve Vaughan about the concepts elaborated in her first book, For-Giving: A Feminist Criticism of Exchange. She also talkd about how she arrived at that theory while living in Italy, and some of the work she had done putting it into practice. She now has 8 books, some available in multiple languages.

Genevieve Vaughan is a leading theorist in the Gift Economy movement, with a particular interest in unilateral giving to needs – in contrast to “gift exchange.” She was also one of the activists who developed the concept of the “peace tent”.

Credits: Interview by Frieda Werden, first ran on WALE AM radio in 1997, in the series Wake Up, Sister! – then was edited by Frieda Werden and Suzette Cullen to fit the time frame of WINGS. Updated by Frieda in 2023.