#20-16 Waiting for Hillary – Hillary Clinton and the global women’s movement

rom the WINGS archives, this is a talk by then First Lady Hillary Clinton at the NGO Forum of the 4th UN World Conference on Women in 1995, at which she lauds the work of non-governmental organizations as being essential to making governments be accountable to their commitments to women and families. Included in the show are crowd reactions while waiting in the rain, some lusty singing of “Keep on Moving Forward,” and an update from 2008 of what had been the Clintons’ mixed record on women.

Host(s): Frieda Werden
Featured Speakers/Guests: Shirley Mae Springer Staten; Irene Santiago, Exec Dir of the NGO Forum; First Lady Hillary Clinton

Credits: Produced by Frieda Werden with assistance from Eliza Graney

Comments: Shortened by about 1 minute from the version released March 31, 2008, during Hillary Clinton’s first run for President of the US.