#47-17 UNSCR 1325

The UN Security Council Resolution on Women, Peace & Security

Adopted unanimously by the UN Security Council on 31 October 2000, 1325 calls for women’s participation in conflict resolution, peacekeeping, and peacebuilding. The now-closed Women’s Tribune Center, which specialized in disseminating information from the UN in forms usable at the grassroots, commissioned radio announcements and dramas on the topic. Included in this 2007 WINGS production are dramas from Uganda, the Philippines, and Liberia. Also two interviews – see Guests.

Host(s): Patricka Dallas, Frieda Werden
Featured Speakers/Guests: Rachel Mayanja, longtime Special Advisor to the UN Secretary General on Gender Issues & the Advancement of Women; Jessica Nkuuhe, who at the time of this interview was Director of Isis-WICCE, an international women’s resource centre based in Uganda. Later, Nkuuhe became Executive Director of the Urgent Action Fund-Africa (UAF).

Credits: Mayanja interview by Patricka Dallas, WINGS UN correspondent; Nkuuhe interview and radio dramas and spots courtesy Women’s International Tribune Center.
Series Producer, Frieda Werden.

Comments: Special re-release for Women’s History Month
Photo from isis.or.ug – relates to Isis-WICCE’s Peace Education Action Research.