Elyse Shaw from the Institute for Women’s Policy Research talks with Joanne Powers of Workers Independent News about the report “Undervalued and Underpaid in America: Women in Low-Wage Female-Dominated Jobs,” a project of IWPR and Oxfam America. The conversation covers the disconnect between education and wages, unpredictable hours, lack of benefits, popular misconceptions, unions, and intersectionality issues like race and immigrant status – and also the excitement of doing a “deep dive” into facts that point to the need for nuanced solutions.

Host(s): Joanne Powers
Featured Speakers/Guests: Elyse Shaw is a Senior Research Associate at Washington-DC-based IWPR, and the lead author of the in-depth 2016 study titled Undervalued and Underpaid in America: Women in Low-Wage Female-Dominated Jobs. (More about the report at: https://iwpr.org/publications/undervalued-and-underpaid-in-america-women-in-low-wage-female-dominated-jobs/ ).

Credits: Interview by Joanne Powers, originally aired in Workers Independent News ; adapted for WINGS’ half-hour format by Frieda Werden.