#27-18 The Global Gag Rule

How America hobbles healthcare aid abroad 

On his first day in office, Trump reinstated and expanded the Global Gag Rule against recipients of US healthcare aid performing or speaking about abortions. Where did this rule come from and what does it do?

Host(s): Diana Wanyonyi and Frieda Werden.
Featured Speakers/Guests: Loretta Ross, author of Reproductive Justice: an Introduction; Dereje Wondimu, Policy and Community Mobilization Advisor at Ipas in Ethiopia; Caroline Nyandat, Reproductive Health Coordinator at the Kisumu Medical and Education Trust (KiMET); Suzanne Ehlers, president of Population Action International (PAI).

Credits: Produced by Diana Wanyonyi, with editing by Sarah Newton and Frieda Werden. Additional interview by Sarah Olson. Photo from Planned Parenthood.