#42-16 The Gentle Plaintiffs – Falun Gong practitioners take to the courts against Jiang Zemin

In 1999, Chinese leader Jiang Zemin implemented a program to eliminate the practice of Falun Gong from the country. This persecution developed into a program of mass arrests, “re-education” through torture, executions and widespread allegations of organ harvesting for the medical market. A change in China’s courts has allowed those who suffered to file complaints, and many are doing so. Documentary.

Host(s): Kerry Foster
Featured Speakers/Guests: Zhao Hongyun, Cindy Song, and Wang Junhua are survivors of torture; Sheng Xue is an award-winning Canadian journalist; Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL) introduced a resolution condemning organ harvesting from prisoners in China..

Credits: produced by Hershy He, Kerry Foster (script editing and reading), Ian Dunlop (technical support), Cory Wong (voice-over), and Fany Qiu (provided the recording of the Sue-Jiang forum), with support and assistance from CJSF 90.1FM in Burnaby British Columbia, and the Community Radio Fund of Canada. Music: ‘An Ode to Compassion’ by Ms. Yian Chen and ‘Returning to the ancient home’ by Kerry Foster.