#22-16 Suffragette Sash – A mysterious moment in the film Suffragette explained

In the British film Suffragette, a man pockets the Votes for Women sash that Emily Wilding Davison had been trying to put on the King’s horse during the race. She was killed and became a martyr for the cause. A century later the sash turned up on public display at the British Parliament house, when Davison was finally honoured by the establishment. Here is that story.

Host(s): Frieda Werden
Featured Speakers/Guests: Linda Fairbrother and Boni Sones, Parliamentary Radio for Women; Helen Goodman, Labour party Media critic; MP Emily Thornberry, the Speaker of Parliament, and other MPs

Credits: Audio produced by Parliamentary Radio For Women – www.parliamentaryradio.com – adapted for WINGS and updated by Frieda Werden.