#38-18 Rojava in Syria

Shared leadership between men and women at every level is a cornerstone of this society.

British journalist Rahila Gupta traveled to Northern Syria to witness the grassroots feminist democracy being built in territory liberated from the Islamic State. She has written extensively about the impressive network of women’s cooperatives, political education and legislative accomplishments built in just a few years.

Host(s): Kate Raphael of KPFA Women’s Magazine
Featured Speakers/Guests: British and Indian journalist Rahila Gupta writes for Open Democracy, The Independent and CNN, among other outlets. She is co-authoring a book with Beatrix Campbell with the title Why Doesn’t Patriarchy Die? 

Credits: Interview by Kate Raphael of KPFA Women’s Magazine; series producer for WINGS, Frieda Werden. Photo credit, Rahila Gupta via Open Democracy