#52-17 RadiOrakel – Norway’s first women’s radio

Still going strong at 99.3FM and http://radiorakel.no/

Since 1982, feminists in Oslo have had a regular piece of the airwaves. They consider theirs to be the first women’s radio station. They go the extra mile to get mostly female-oriented content in news, interviews, and music. This hip community station is constantly renewed by being passed on to younger women through training and mentorship. Interviews from 2000 and music from a Norwegian women’s music anthology issued 1999 feature in this gem from the WINGS archive.

Host(s): Frieda Werden
Featured Speakers/Guests: Ingrid Wergeland, reporter, age 26; Liv Gulbrandsen, the station’s editor-in-chief for the year, was 22.

Credits: Produced by Frieda Werden for WINGS