#15-18 Period Poverty

Menstrual supplies and education in Scotland, India, and Kenya

Menstruation education and attempts to remedy “period poverty” are catching on around the world. This program contrasts efforts in Scotland, India, and Kenya. Differences include whether the menstrual products made available are commercial, a new re-usable commercial design, or a re-usable product from a local nonprofit. Advocates for period education range from family members to grassroots organizations, to the First Lady of Kenya.

Host(s): Frieda Werden, Nicole Curby, and Diana Wanyonyi
Featured Speakers/Guests: SCOTLAND: Danielle Rowley, Scottish Labour Party member of the UK Parliament. INDIA: Abhijan Barua, Reporter, Asia Calling; SFX: Srishti Social Worker & Domestic Workers in Kolkata Slum; Shubhadra Kayal, a domestic worker (speaks in Bengali, with translation); Swapna Tripathi of women’s advocacy organisation Srishti; Shivany Swamy, of the Give Her 5 Campaign; Preeti Gaikward from the Watershed Organization Trust – Give Her 5’s partner NGO. KENYA: Diana Wanyonyi, WINGS reporter; Charity Chahasi, a leader of Tunaweza group for women with disabilities (which makes the re-usable sanitary equipment for girls); Mary Kimeru, a teacher at North Gate Academy; Kwale County’s first Lady Christine Mvurya, who is also Kenya’s National Menstruation Hygiene Management Champion; Kenya’s First Lady, Margaret Kenyatta.

Credits: Produced for WINGS by Diana Wanyonyi, with Series Producer Frieda Werden and additional audio from Asia Calling and YouTube.