#36-16 Patriarchal Gods in the Middle East – Egyptian and Israeli Feminists, speaking in 1990

Women, Religion and Power was the title of a panel held in Montreal in June 1990, at the First World Summit on Women and the Many Dimensions of Power. Among the speakers were Egyptian physician and novelist Dr. Nawal El Saadawi, and Alice Shalvi, founding director of the Israel Women’s Network. El Saadawi calls for complete separation of religion and state around the world; Shalvi speaks of struggles women in Israel have against the influence of orthodox patriarchal religious parties. Both struggles are ongoing to this day.

Host(s): Katherine Davenport
Featured Speakers/Guests: Nawaal El Saadawi and Alice Shalvi

Credits: Produced for WINGS by Katherine Davenport; series producer, Frieda Werden

Comments: This was recorded in 1990. Some of the particulars have changed, but the basic issues still exist. For example, the Israeli Knesset (Parliament) did later create a civil family court, but in a later amendment changed its jurisdiction so that it could not contradict a decision obtained by a husband from a religious court.