#16-18 Kids’ Climate Lawsuit

Demanding the right to a future

The case Juliana et al. v United States et al. is now set for trial starting October 29, 2018, in an Oregon federal court. Since 2015, two successive national administrations have tried to get the case thrown out and failed. Twenty-one young plaintiffs are alleging the United States knew since the 1950s that a horrendous climate disaster would be in store from fossil fuel energy and caved to industry not to implement policies that could avert that.

Host(s): Frieda Werden
Featured Speakers/Guests: Julia Olson, founder, Executive Director and Chief Legal Counsel of Our Children’s Trust, and lead plaintiff on the lawsuit; Kelsey Juliana, the plaintiff for whom the case is named; Jaden from Louisiana, Avery from Oregon, and Victoria from New York state – all young plaintiffs.

Credits: Audio via the website ourchildrenstrust.org – from media credited to climatemobilization.org, mothersofinvention.online and the Positive Economy Forum. Edited and hosted by WINGS series producer Frieda Werden.