#05-16 Is Free Trade Fair? And is it good for women?

Kate Raphael of KPFA Women’s Magazine asks Professors Maria Floro and Stephanie Seguino, two of the premiere voices on gender equity and globalization, to demystify trade policy. Did NAFTA cost US jobs or not? Is free trade good or bad for developing economies and is it possible to have a policy that works for workers in both rich and poor countries? How does trade policy affect women and gender inequality in developing and developed countries? All this and more.

Host(s): Kate Raphael
Featured Speakers/Guests: Originally from the Philippines, Maria S. Floro is Professor of Economics at American University in Washington DC and co-director of the Graduate Program on Gender Analysis in Economics. Stephanie Seguino is a professor of economics at the University of Vermont, Burlington, and was president of the International Association for Feminist Economics (IAFFE) from 2010 to 2011. She has carried out research for both the United Nations and the World Bank. Her research considers the effect of globalization on income distribution and well-being.

Credits: Produced by Kate Raphael for KPFA Women’s Magazine; adapted for WINGS by Frieda Werden, series producer.

Comments: Women’s Magazine is a weekly community radio program that is archived at kpfa.org.