#30-18 Irish Abortion Referendum

Activists’ work led to success

In May 2018, the Irish voted to repeal the 8th Amendment to their Constitution, which had placed the life of a pregnant woman and the life of her foetus on an equal footing, leading to problems in physicians’ decision-making, maternal deaths and severe penalties for abortion. Shortly before the vote, three women who worked on different aspects of the Yes campaign talked in depth about the problems and their work. A new abortion law goes into effect in 2019.

Host(s): Sarah Newton, Aoife Cooke
Featured Speakers/Guests: Together For Yes Campaigner Claire Brophy, Co-Founder of Repeal Global Karen Toomey and Maria Neelartha from the Company Platform

Credits: Interviews by Aoife Cooke of Women on the Line, Australia; production and hosting for WINGS by Sarah Newton; WINGS series producer, Frieda Werden. Photo credit: Together for Yes