#01-18 India’s Self-Employed Women’s Association

A union for the informal sector – 1.5 Million Strong (Part 1)

In Gandhi’s birthplace, in 1972, a union organizer named Ela Bhatt [pronounced Eela But] gave birth to a union comprised of home-based workers, market vendors, cart-pullers and head-load carriers, agricultural and construction laborers, and other unrecognized forms of work done by women. Two producers from Bangalore travelled to Ahmedabad to cover this movement for WINGS.

Host(s): Smita Ramanathan and Manju Venkat
Featured Speakers/Guests: SEWA persons interviewed for parts one and two of this program. – 1. Manali Shah (Vice President), 2. Pratibha Pandya (Administrative Officer), 3. Kapila ben (President) 4. Jyoti Macwan (general secretary), 5. Rajiben (Trade representative, ragpickers) 6. Anisa Sheikh (Representative – Incense stick roller) 7.Jayashree Vyas (M.D. SEWA Cooperative Bank), 8. Parvati Macwan (Representative – Construction workers) 9. Vali ben (Representative – farm woman, health worker) 10. Mayaben Patel (master trainer, IT) 11. Heena Dave (District Coordinator) 12. Sharadaben Jhala (Representative – Farm women, executive committee member) 13. Jignasa Parmar (Vendors’ and Hawkers’ campaign team) 14. Geeta Koshti (legal coordinator) 15. Shalini Trivedi (Legal Coordinator )

Credits: Interviews: Smita Ramanathan and Manju Venkat
Script: Smita Ramanathan with inputs from Indu Ramesh
Editing: Manju Venkat
Narration: Smita Ramanathan, Manju Venkat, Nilu Kulkarni and Sapna Rawat
Series Producer: Frieda Werden