#46-17 How WINGS Began

Jen Moore interviews WINGS series producer Frieda Werden about the history and nature of this weekly radio series that has covered the global women’s movement for community radio since 1986. Re-released for Women’s History Month.

Host(s): Jen Moore
Featured Speakers/Guests: Frieda Werden, Series Producer of WINGS: Women’s International News Gathering Service, worked for Longhorn Radio Network, US National Public Radio, and Western Public Radio, before co-founding WINGS. She has been President of the International Association of Women in Radio and Television (IAWRT) and a Vice President of AMARC (the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters), and received Lifetime Achievement Awards from IAWRT and Canada’s National Campus and Community Radio Association. She was Spoken Word Coordinator of CJSF-FM from 2002-2014.

Credits: Produced by Jen Moore for WINGS

Comments: WINGS is looking for new producers and editors. Contact wings@wings.org
WINGS has a new website: wingsradio.org
and a Facebook page: facebook.com/wingsradio.
The WINGS slogan in “Today’s news is tomorrow’s history – keep women’s actions on the record!”