Guatemalan Weaving Revival

in Santiago Sacatepequez, most residents are indigenous Mayans from the kakchiquel community, where weaving on backstrap looms is a venerable tradition. But decades of genocidal war, racial discrimination, and economic dislocation has broken the tradition for many. A local weaving school has given over 1,500 women the chance to learn what their mothers could not teach them and recover their history, identity, and cultural pride.

Host(s): Anna-Catherine Brigida
Featured Speakers/Guests: Twenty-seven year old Ilda Coralia Mecur Yucute is a student in the weaving class; her two children play in the room (the daughter’s name is Emily). Martha Julia is a former student and now an instructor at the weaving school in Santiago Sacatepequez. Anna-Catherine Brigida provides narration about the history and present legal situation around the Guatemalan genocide.

Credits: Produced by Anna-Catherine Brigida. (Voiceover credit to come.) Series Producer, Frieda Werden