#28-18 Girls of Togo

Voices from Radio Success

Voices with translation from a series called Radio Sucess that aired in French on local radio in Togo. The girls and women featured speak frankly and movingly about their situation and their ambitions and advice for girls. Original song, too.

Host(s): Carla Seidl
Featured Speakers/Guests: Honorine Akonda, 18, seamstress’s apprentice from Kante; Tipiba Nantob, 22, high school senior in Guerin-Kouka and beauty pageant winner in the Dankpen region; Catherine Talim, junior high school librarian; Hortense Bararmna, from Niamtougou, director of number one junior high school in Kante, and one of the few female upper school directors in Togo. Host/translator Carla Seidl.

Credits: Producer, composer of the music and translator is Carla Seidl. The 8-part original series in French can be found on PRX at https://exchange.prx.org/series/34149-radio-reussite-radio-success.