#49-17 Feminist Electoral Politics

Two talks from the first World Summit on Women and the Many Dimensions of Power, held June 1990 in Montreal. Icelandic women chose a leaderless model for a Women’s Alliance that endorsed an all-woman slate; the US Women’s Political Caucus also endorsed and supported candidates.

Host(s): Katherine Davenport
Featured Speakers/Guests: Sigridur Duna Kristmundsdottir was a member of Parliament for the Icelandic Women’s Alliance. Her talk in Montreal was titled Time to Act. She co-authored the book Doing and Becoming: Women’s Movements and Women’s Personhood in Iceland (1870-1990) – published by the Social Science Research Institute, University of Iceland Press. Irene Natividad was President of the US National Women’s Political Caucus for two terms (the first Asian to hold that post). Later, she chaired of the National Commission on Working Women, and she is now President of the Global Summit of Women (which grew out of the Montreal summit of 1990) and she chairs Corporate Women Directors International.

Credits: Recorded and narrated by the late Katherine Davenport, co-founder of WINGS: Women’s International News Gathering Service.

Comments: This is part of our Women’s History Month series on histories of effective women’s organizing, culled from the WINGS archives. This program first aired as WINGS #29-90.