#18-16 Feminist Economics and Yellen – A woman now heads the US Federal Reserve

Janet Yellen was appointed chair of the Board of Governors of the US Federal Reserve System for a 4-year term staring in February 2014 – one of the world’s most influential jobs. She leads decisions about interest rates, for example. In this program a leading feminist economist explains why she worked for Yellen’s appointment, based on the values and areas of focus comprised by Feminist Economics.

Host(s): Kellia Ramares-Watson
Featured Speakers/Guests: Dr. Joyce P. Jacobsen is the 2016-17 President of the Association for Feminist Economics. She’s an Economics Professor at Wesleyan University and author of the textbook, The Economics of Gender. She publishes mainly in labor economics, including sex segregation, migration, and the effects of labor force intermittency on women’s earnings.

Credits: Interview produced by Kellia Ramares-Watson. Series producer, Frieda Werden.