#12-16 Brexit and Cox; Women and the EU Referendum

Gisela Stuart, Labour Member of Parliament and a former framer of the EU Constitution headed the Leave campaign and says the status quo would not have remained possible in any case. Lorely Jane Burt, Baroness of Solihull, was a Liberal Democrat before elevation to the House of Lords; she considers the Brexit vote a disaster but perhaps offering opportunities for business. Jo Cox, a recently elected Labour MP was a strong supporter of women’s and immigrant rights and favoured staying in the EU; she was worried about virulent sexism in social media, and was murdered by a man with Nazi connections just before the referendum. Liberal Democrat Baroness Susan Kramer and Guardian newspaper political editor Anushka Asthana speak of the tributes to the slain Jo Cox and the hashtag she inspired “More In Common,” which might be having an effect on the culture of Parliament.

Host(s): Boni Sones, Frieda Werden
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Credits: Audio courtesy of Boni Sones and Women’s Parliamentary Radio.