#45-18 Two-Spirited Women 1994

Two-spirited (lesbian) women came out to members of the Indigenous Women’s Network at their 1994 Conference on Sustainable Communities, held at White Earth in the USA. They talked about prejudice and acceptance, leadership, AIDS, and tradition. Conference co-organizer, (the late) Marsha Gomez, gave an interview afterwards to Lisa Hayes.

Host(s): Agnes Patak, Lisa Hayes
Featured Speakers/Guests: Yako Myers, Mohawk/Anishinabe, of the Minnesota American Indian AIDS Task Force. Bonnie Blackwolf of the Blackfeet nation, human rights activist, Person With AIDS. Marsha Gomez, a Founding Mother of the Indigenous Women’s Network, sculptor. 

Credits: Speakers recorded by Agnes Patak of KMUD-FM; interview by Lisa Hayes. WINGS series producer, Frieda Werden.