#43-18 Cameroon Crisis

Women in the crossfire seek peace

A long-growing struggle between Anglophone and Francophone areas of Cameroon became violent since 2016. Villages have been destroyed, schools burned, parties that should dialogue have become intransigent and are using force. Women are seeking to make peace.

Host(s): Patience Wirngo, Linda Neh Gobesing, Frieda Werden
Featured Speakers/Guests: Patience Wirngo, reporter; Mrs. Futungo; Kini Nsom (a Yerima or prince of the Kom Kingdom); Adah Mbah, founder and coordinator of the non-profit organization Mother of Hope Cameroon; Grace Che (retired journalist based in Northwest Region); Messi Akwangua Aoundi (teacher); Maybel Yinyue, student; Nina Jusleyensi (sp.), graduate student; Patricia Scotland ( Secretary General of the Commonwealth); Issa Tchiroma Bakary (Cameroon’s Minister of Communication); Sally Mboumien (founder and coordinator of Common Action for Gender Development Association); Linda Neh Ngobesing, journalist and host of radio program “Gender Issues” on Cameroon Radio-TV; Eileen Manka Tabuwe (gender advocate and also a member of the Southwest-Northwest Women Task Force) 

Credits: Producers: Patience Wirngo and Linda Neh Gobesing. Editor: Carla Seidl. Series Producer: Frieda Werden. Music excerpts: Cameroonian hip-hop queen, Askia

Comments: Uploading his early due to massive snowstorm that may cause power outage. Possible amendments to audio to come.