#42-18 Intersex Issues in Kenya

Seeking recognition as third gender

In the Luo culture, intersex babies were traditionally killed. Marashan Rayah tried to protect her child from stigma by keeping his [preferred pronoun] condition secret. That didn’t work. Her child, Darlan Rukih, has finally come out publicly as intersex, someone with both male and female genitals and hormones. After many years of trying to hide and fathering a son, he came out publicly as intersex and began expressing that in his dress and conduct. He is now a well known Gospel singer and Apostle [preacher] and runs a refuge for homeless, displaced intersex people, and others who need help. He and his mother both advocate for broad recognition that intersex persons exist, they are created by God, and that they should have a third gender status protected in the Constitution.

Host(s): Diana Wanyonyi and Frieda Werden.
Featured Speakers/Guests: Apostle Darlan Rukih, intersex person, preacher and Gospel singer; Rukih’s mother, Marashan Rayah

Credits: Produced by Diana Wanyonyi; WINGS series producer, Frieda Werden. Brief music clip and picture sampled from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dHIx-_sIJg0