#28-19 Railroad to the Green New Deal …Getting out of our issue silos and working together for all is the way

The Green New Deal is a concept that has been percolating for more than a dozen years, but this year new member of Congress Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez introduced it as a resolution in the US Congress. She narrates a vision of the future; Jane Fonda talks details of activism on the ground in Washington; Naomi Klein asserts that there have to be gains for everyone, especially the most oppressed, to get the momentum for the necessary fundamental change.

Host(s): Frieda Werden, Robin Morgan
Featured Speakers/Guests: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, sponsor of Green New Bill resolution in Congress, narrating the film “A Message from the Future”; Robin Morgan, host of Women’s Media Center Live podcasts; Jane Fonda, filmstar, activist, and co-founder of WMC; Naomi Klein, author of On Fire: The (Burning) Case for a Green New Deal.

Credits: Jane Fonda interview from “Women’s Media Center Live with Robin Morgan” – WMCLive.com
Audio from the film “A Message from the Future” via Seattle Town Hall https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4aLThztWa1U; Original of Fonda interview http://www.womensmediacenter.com/wmclive/wmc-live-298-jane-fonda-original-airdate-10-13-2019 . Naomi Klein excerpted from video of her book launch at Politics and Prose – link to the video at this page: https://www.politics-prose.com/book/9781982129910
Edited and narrated for WINGS by Frieda Werden.

Comments: The website for finding the Thursday teachins live streamed from Washington DC, which Jane Fonda and Robin Morgan talked about is firedrillfridays.com. You can also contact Fridays For Future Climate Strikers in at least 30 countries, through the webpage fridaysforfuture.org/about. That’s fridaysforfuture.org/about.