#24-19 Counting Unwaged Work …The unwaged work of getting unwaged work counted

As de Beauvoir points out, women’s unwaged work is about half the work in the world, but it isn’t included in economic accounting. Margaret Prescod describes decades of unwaged work by women activists within the UN system to get a declaration that this work should be accounted for. Among other benefits of measuring it would be to show how structural adjustment (forced austerity measures) downloads more and more work onto women to keep their families alive. 1994 interview updated to include the 1995 Beijing Platform for Action – whose looming 25th anniversary is raising new interest in the unfinished business of meeting its goals.

Host(s): Frieda Werden
Featured Speakers/Guests: Simone de Beauvoir; Margaret Prescod, a spokesperson for Wages for Housework and the International Women Count Network.

Credits: Interview and update by Frieda Werden for WINGS.
Source of De Beauvoir clip: cliphttp://www.openculture.com/2013/05/simone_de_beauvoir_explains_why_im_a_feminist_in_a_rare_tv_interview_1975.html

Comments: Based on a video from 1975 and an interview from 1994.