#11-19 End Female Genital Mutilation … by changing cultural norms

Producer Diana Wanyonyi takes us to Kibera slum in Nairobi, to meet a woman who underwent forced genital cutting and child marriage and another woman who works tirelessly to protect girls’ human rights. Then the African Union Youth Envoy calls on governments to follow through on their commitments to end harmful cultural practices and violence against women and girls.

Host(s): Frieda Werden and Diana Wanyonyi
Featured Speakers/Guests: Nabuki, whose name means fatherless child, speaks about her childhood experience in a rural community. Siyama Ismail is a human rights advocate, a Nubian Cultural Ambassador, and a counsellor and a social worker in the Kibera slum where she was born. Aya Chebbi from Tunisia moderated the panel at Women Deliver 2019 titled Change Social Norms: Abandon Female Genital Mutilation.

Credits: Produced by Diana Wanyonyi; Series Producer and additional recording, Frieda Werden.