#01-19 The Stolen Revolution Part 1 of 2 … Iranian Women of 1979

Iranian women were at the forefront of the revolution. But after the Shah was deposed and Ayatollah Khomeini returned to the country, the new regime turned against them and everything they had fought for. CBC Radio producer Donya Ziaee, interviewed three participants about their thoughts and actions in that time. Her one-hour documentary, first broadcast on “Ideas,” forms a two-part series for WINGS.

Host(s): Donya Ziaee
Featured Speakers/Guests: In Part One: Minoo Jalali is a women’s rights activist, retired lawyer and chair of the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants in London, UK. She fled Iran in 1983. Haideh Daragahi was a professor of English Literature at Tehran University when Khomeini took power. She has lived in Sweden since 1984 and worked as an academic, women’s rights activist and journalist. Next week: Shahin Navai is an activist in the women’s movement and a researcher in the field of Entomology. She fled Iran in 1984 and has since lived in Berlin, Germany. 

Credits: Production for CBC and adaptation for WINGS by Donya Ziaee, with voice-over help from Tina Verma, and archival help from Keith Hart, Zoe Barraclough and Greg Hobbs. Archival footage made possible by the CBC, Associated Press and the Sallie Bingham Center for Women’s History and Culture at Duke University.